The following itinerary is based upon a selection of sandy white beaches, breathtaking anchorages, excellent diving, snorkeling and fishing, wildlife spots where elephants are known to congregate on the beach and dugongs and mantas swim as well as a dash of colonial architecture, little-known tribes and small villages. The final itinerary should be determined by guest preferences/interests.

If guests would like to visit the Andaman Islands, the only access by air is through either Calcutta or Madras in India, where a visa is required. Upon arrival in Port Blair, the capital of the Andaman Islands, government clearance requires one full-day before the ship may sail. The Nicobar Islands are currently off-limits for visiting ships but the Andaman archipelago offers a multitude of exciting cruising.

Truly a remote corner of the world barely touched by man, this region should be savored, explored and most definitely not rushed. The ideal recommendation for a 2-week trip would be to fly into Myiek and explore the Mergui Archipelago for 1 week, and then after a day cruising, explore the Andaman Islands for a week.  Listed are the possible Islands: